We have been fostering promising young talents for years and accompany them on the way to the European top:

Inline-Skating: Vera Güntert from Alosen, born in 97  

Her career began at JUKA-Linthline.




Vera Güntert

Vera likes to wear the JC-pendant in silver, rhodium plated, in her spare time.


Inline-Skating: Jasmin Güntert from Alosen, born in 99

Her career began at JUKA-Lintline.




Jasmin Güntert

Jasmin likes to wear the JC-pendant in silver, rhodium plated, in her spare time.


History of the Juka Linthline

A few years ago Johnny Diethelm, Urban Ziegler, Karl Manser and Andreas Manser skated on the Linth plateau for the first time and they liked it very much. At this time they were still exotics on the highway. They were not accepted well by the other motorists, however. It was hard to judge them on the road.

This is the reason why they decided to do an inline competition on the Linth plateau in order to make their sport more popular. They looked for a competent partner and found it with the FC Tuggen. Now all they were missing was their own club. So they formed the Juka Linthline and also joined the SRV (Schweizer Rollsport Verein). They offered introductory courses and inline meetings on Thursday nights. Today their club has over 130 members and is one of the biggest and most successful clubs of the SRVs.





Leichtathletik: Gian Struzina from Steinhausen, born 2001

Gian trains at the athletics club Hochwacht Zug www.hochwachtzug.ch


Gian Struzina






Gian’s favorite:
the bracelet with the laser logo








Cycling: Desiree Ehrler from Steinhausen, born in 91

Desiree is a member of the RMV Cham-Hagendorn.






Desiree’s favorite:
the bracelet with the laser logo



The history of one of the most successful cycling clubs in Switzerland started in 1934 as the RV Cham and 25 members. The club is re-named to “Rad- und Motorfahrerverein RMV Cahm-Hagendorn” in 1964 after many motorcyclists joined. 75 years later there are 200 members and the 15 RMV licensed racers are very successful in all categories.  In 2009 Gregy Rast wins the overall team score at the “Tour de France” with the “Astana” team.


The Swiss champions from the RMV Cham-Hagendorn:

1978 Urban Fuchs, elite-amateur road
1994 Björn Schwengeler, junior road
1998 Oliver Mattmann, junior track Omnium
2001 Martin Elmiger, elite road
2002 Gregy Rast, U23 road
2004 Gregy Rast, elite road
2005 Martin Elmiger, elite road
2006 Gregy Rast, elite road
2006 Michael Bär, junior road
2006 Michael Bär, junior team trials
2009 Joel Peter, junior team trials
2010 Michael Bär, U23 road
2010 Martin Elmiger, elite road