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(verantwortlich für die Gestaltung dieses Internetauftritts)


Bruno Bütler, web programming


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The project partner for the Je-crois health campaign



Through our social commitment we support the following sports and charitable institutions financially:

Right To Play

is the leading international organization for humanitarian help and development cooperation, which uses the power of sports and play to build skills in children and teenagers from deprived regions and therefore fosters social changes in communities that have been affected by war, poverty and illnesses. There are currently 700,000 children being helped through weekly sports and play activities.


Inline skating junior-cup





is a goalkeeper school that offers the chance to young goal keepers for two days once a year to be trained by premier league goalie coaches at the center of Milandia, Greifensee. International goalies have been or are still being trained according to this system. Many international soccer associations have made this kind of training an association standard.


Doping-Präventionszentrum, Dorsten, Germany

Jörg D. Börjesson, a former body builder and drug user is now a valuable source of first hand  information for all things regarding drugs and sports. His book “Muskelmacher” clearly explains the dangers of drug use in sports.