The JC-support program for young talents in sport


«Je-crois» supports hopeful young talents who deliberately opt against any kind of doping. «Goals are reached by believing in yourself» This claim of «Je-crois» is implemented with the help of talented young athletes. As ambassadors, they bring the philosophy to the public of top level- and mass sport and also receive material and financial support themselves. 


The support package for our ambassadors contains:

«We are currently looking for a young cycling talent, born 2000-2002

The young talents support program primarily finances itself through the sale of functional JC-sports and leisure wear, through high quality JC-symbol jewellery, as well as patron donations.


Click here for current JC-ambassadors.



The JC-support program for youth sections of sport clubs


Each sport pursues the goal of fair competition, meaning the athlete‘s performance results from his/her own capability. Thus, Je-crois propagates sport without unauthorised substances following the slogan: Believe in yourself and your strengths, not in doping!

«Je-crois» supports the youth sections of sport clubs since this is where the cornerstone for fair competitive conditions is laid. Especially in these sectors, it is important to initiate the necessary measures on behalf of the sport clubs.


Sport clubs which assume the JC-philosophy and contribute to the sales of the JC-products are supported by Je-crois. The collaboraiton is clearly regulated in a sponsoring contract and has the aim to be financially and ideally profitable to all parties involved.


These clubs are already supported by Je-crois and profit financially:

FC Hünenberg:
SC Menzingen:


Assume the anti-doping oriented JC-philosophy in your sport club as well! 


Download pdf-file: concept for financial support of youth work in sport clubs




The JC-support program for JC-projects

The supported JC-projects have the general goal to increase the level of awareness of Je-crois, while at the same time add value to all parties involved. As these projects cannot, for the most part, be self-sustaining, they are partially funded through the sales proceeds of the JC-products, as well as through sponsoring and patron donations.


Following JC-projects are currently  in process and realisation:



Learn more about the individual project contents right here. All support is most welcome!